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Bathhurst Committee launches global running initiative

The local organising committee of the World Athletics Cross Country Championships Bathurst 2021 has partnered with ASICS to launch a global running initiative designed to allow runners around the world to participate and interact with each other in the year leading to the main event.

Due to the global pandemic, the World Athletics Cross Country Championships in Bathurst, Australia, have been postponed until 19 February 2022, but the local organisers have launched a Global Challenge event that is open to all runners and will coincide with the original dates in 2021.

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IOC reject XC for Paris 2024

Photo by Lois DeEll.

Cross Country will not feature in the 2024 Paris

Olympics as IOC announced this week. World Athletics had proposed a team’s replay event be included which had the endorsement of elite cross country runners.

In a statement World Athletics said: “Cross country is an exciting and fast growing sport around the world so we are clearly disappointed it will not feature at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, even more so given the heritage of cross country in France at the Paris 1924 Olympic Games. However, we have developed what we believe is a really exciting mixed relay product and have been encouraged by the commitment from the IOC that they will continue to work with us to realise our vision of seeing cross country in a future Olympic Games.”

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Bathurst 2021 in doubt

The Local Organizing Committee for the World Athletics Cross County Championship has recommended the 2021 event, due to take place in March next year in Bathurst, New South Wales, be postponed.

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